5 Universities Seminar (2019.8.31~9.1)

The 5 Univeristies Seminar used to be a joint seminar that participated with Transport System Design Lab. (Gifu Univ.), Intelligent Transportation Systems Lab. (Ritsumeikan Univ.), Shimamoto Lab. (Miyazaki Univ.), Transport and Environment Dynamics Research Department (Nagoya Univ.), Geoinformatics Lab. (Kyoto Univ.) and ITS Lab. (Kyoto Univ.). All senseis of each lab. above are alumni of ITS Laboratory (Kyoto Univ.). Infrastructure Planning and Design Lab. and Sugiura sensei, who transferred to Hokkaido Univ. from Gifu Univ., participated this year.
The 7th 5 Univeristies Seminar was held at OAA Harima Heights in the city of Kakogawa, Hyogo Prefecture.

Senseis gave presentations on the morning of the first day, which was followed by the oral presentation from students in the afternoon. There were also questions from students actively and we had animated discussions.

Uno sensei
Schmoecker sensei
Utsumi (M2)
Ogata (M2)
Shen (M2)
Tanaka (M2)

Poster presentations were held on the second day.

A BBQ party was held after the joint seminar and we promoted good fellowship.

5 Univeristies Seminar Awards
Yamada Sensei Award: 水野杏菜 (Gifu Univ. B4)
Uno Sensei Award: 中井万理子 (Ritsumeikan Univ. M2)
Schmoecker Sensei Award: 安村修吾 (Ritsumeikan Univ. B4)
Nakamura Sensei Award: 御村まゆ (Gifu Univ. M2)
Shiomi Sensei Award: 田中將巳 (Kyoto Univ. M2)
Kurauchi Sensei Award: Shen Kai (Kyoto Univ. M2)
Shimamoto Sensei Award: 田中將巳 (Kyoto Univ. M2)
Sugiura Sensei Award: 平井一成 (Miyazaki Univ. M2)
Kimura Sensei Award: 中井万理子 (Ritsumeikan Univ. M2)
Nakao Sensei Award: 安村修吾 (Ritsumeikan Univ. B4)
Students Award: 田中將巳 (Kyoto Univ. M2)


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